The Barn Retreat

Welcome to The Barn, a meditation retreat centre based on the Buddhist tradition in the beautiful Devon countryside of South West England.

This retreat deserves every accolade it receives

Set in a stunning hillside location overlooking the River Dart, the Barn has been a popular retreat centre since 1986. Retreatants reconnect with themselves and the natural environment, and are able to develop a mindfulness practice for everyday life.

Listed in The Sunday Telegraph's 'Eight of the best retreats in Britain and Europe', our six-day community retreats run every week of the year for up to 10 people. Accommodation is all in single, comfortable rooms in a friendly atmosphere of fellowship.

Retreatants usually stay for one week and live as a community of 12 people, sharing household tasks, cooking and meals together. Through teacher-led inquiry and working meditation in our organic garden they develop a mindfulness practice for everyday life.

Click here to download walking/cycling directions to The Barn from Totnes Railway Station

Who are Barn retreats suitable for?

Anyone with some meditation experience who wishes to:

  • develop a mindfulness practice for daily life, supported by western Buddhist enquiry.
  • balance community life and quiet personal reflection, following our weekly schedule.
  • experience and develop a compassionate, appreciative and joyous approach to life.

See our FAQs for more information about suitability.

The five precepts

Knowing they would lead to a happier and more fulfilling life, the Buddha suggested his lay followers take the following Five Precepts, and we ask our retreatants to do the same for the duration of their stay:

"I undertake the training to refrain from..."

  • harming any living being
  • taking what is not offered
  • sexual and sensual misconduct
  • false speech (including idle gossip, harsh and divisive speech)
  • taking substances which disturb the balance of the mind (and may lead me into committing any of the above)

I am beginning to learn to still my agitated mind and have lots of new tools to use in my everyday life