Teacher-led retreats at The Barn

These retreats at The Barn meditation retreat centre are versions of our 6-night retreat led by an experienced teacher living alongside you for the week.

Scroll down to explore our range of teacher-led retreats:

For The Benefit of All image tear

For The Benefit of All

Oct 20. If you feel committed to helping others (without getting overwhelmed) this retreat could help. With Kyira Korrigan.

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Metta retreat

Dec 8. Encourage loving kindness to develop, opening your heart to well-being, calm and insight. With The Venerable Canda.

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The Heart of Stillness

Jan 26. We'll be considering the heart not only as a physical organ, but as an imaginal & spiritual centre of stillness. With Suvaco.

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Pathways to the Beautiful Mind image tear

Pathways to the Beautiful Mind

Feb 9. In this retreat, we'll be cultivating a clear-seeing & free mind, towards awareness and wisdom. With Vajradevi.

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Deep Rest

March 8. A beautiful opportunity to take time out and discover the power and deep restfulness of going inwards. With Gemma Polo.

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The Life of The Buddha image tear

The Life of The Buddha

April 12. Exploring how, in a fast-changing world, we can still find value in the life & teachings of The Buddha. With Ramiro Ortega.

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Turning towards our climate crisis image tear

Turning towards our climate crisis

Jun 7. Turn towards our ecological crisis in the context of Dharma practice and community. With Gavin Milne.

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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness image tear

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

June 21. How to take care of our reactivity and respond wisely in these challenging and stressful times. With Adrianne Ross.

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Earth In Mind image tear

Earth In Mind

July 19. Connecting mindfulness, The Dharma & the natural world - when the world urgently needs our care. With Rupert Marques.

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Realising the Mind of Understanding & Love image tear

Realising the Mind of Understanding & Love

August 23. The retreat will help us explore how we can embody the Buddha in everyday life, with joy and equanimity. With Dene Donalds.

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Making Less The Suffering image tear

Making Less The Suffering

Sept 6. Explore letting go of suffering to move towards greater freedom. With Ajahn Jutindharo.

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Martyn Osborne

4 weeks ago, on Google
The Barn is definitely a very special and magical place with an amazing team of coordinators and admin support. I went with a little trepidation which was totally unfounded - the whole experience was comforting and restorative both physically and emotionally. The location is stunning and the program well established to ensure you get the maximum out of your retreat. I totally underestimated the strength of community established in barely a week and the meditation/silence periods gave you ample time and space to reflect on whatever challenges you were facing. I will definitely be back on a regular basis to reinvigorate my faith in human nature.

Georgia Hunt

a month ago, on Google
The Barn will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to the coordinators and manager for making my time there so special. The structure and coordination throughout my weeks retreat was seamless, staff always more than happy to support you in whatever way needed and are masters at creating a beautiful and supportive atmosphere amongst retreatants. I know that I will be back again (already looking to book and just got back yesterday!)

Christos Papaioannou

in the last week, on Google
My week at the Barn was one of the best experiences I had. It was my first retreat ever and the serenity of the place, the amazing coordinators (Huly and Barry) and the loving group of people made it so special. I want to go back again as soon as I can!

Barry Rice

3 weeks ago, on Google
Very well organised and a very supportive place for you to meditate, live in community and work on the land. Great for those new to meditation or those wishing to give themselves space to practice further, with like-minded people. Many thanks to the staff and teacher who provided so much support to make the week as rich and nourishing as it was.

Lucy West

2 months ago, on Google
I had such a special time at the Barn this August. It was a beautiful experience of building community and engaging in mindful activity. The Co-ordinators and visiting teachers were excellent and the accommodation was lovely. It's located in a stunning area of Devon with an extraordinarily high density of retreat and education centres. Totnes is also a great town to explore. I can't recommend the whole experience more!

If you would like to know more about the information on this page, please contact:

Name: Barn Manager
Tel: 01803 732661
Email: [email protected]
Address: The Barn Retreat, Lower Sharpham Barton, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, UK, TQ9 7DX