Frequently Asked Questions - Solitary retreats in The Kuti

  • What if someone needs to get hold of me in an emergency?

    If someone needs to contact you urgently then please ask them to call us on 01803 732661 leaving a message if there is no reply.  This number will be checked regularly during your stay, allowing you the chance to relax into the retreat.

  • Will I be working whilst in The Kuti?

    As part of your stay in The Kuti, we ask that you work approximately two hours each day on the upkeep of The Kuti, the surrounding woodland and the vegetable garden.

  • How do I eat and drink there?

    The Kuti has a propane camp stove for you to use on the porch outside The Kuti. You will have access to a fully-stocked organic and vegetarian pantry in The Barn. Your midday meal is provided by The Barn retreat, and can be picked up at The Barn in a thermos tiffin flask.

    We can accommodate gluten-free and/or vegan dietary needs. However, our kitchen is neither gluten nor nut-free.

    Please make sure you include dietary restrictions and any food allergies on your Booking Form. We may need to communicate further with you about specifics.

    Our water is provided from our own spring, UV treated and filtered.

  • When should I arrive to stay in The Kuti?

    If you have not stayed at The Kuti before, it is important that you meet with a Barn Coordinator to receive the information you need. Please arrive during the following periods:

    • Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays - 10am to 12pm
    • Tuesdays - 2pm to 4pm
    • Sundays - 12pm to 2pm. Or arrive via the weekly Sunday 3pm lift from Totnes train station.

    Please do not arrive on a Saturday. 

    If you want to use the Sunday 3pm lift, you’ll need to phone or email us ten days in advance so we know to collect you.

    You can tell us on your Booking Form or email [email protected] to be added to the pick-up list.

    Alternatively some people choose to walk or cycle from Totnes - a great way to draw yourself out of the world and into retreat.

    Click here to go our our Find Us page, giving road, walking/cycling maps and directions


  • What and where is The Kuti?

    The Kuti is a small, rustic cabin in woodland near The Barn retreat centre. The Kuti has no electricity or running water, though there is water nearby and torches provided. There is a wood burner in The Kuti for heat. Clean bedding and wood are provided.

    It is set in a stunning hillside location overlooking the River Dart, on the Sharpham Estate.

  • Why are Sharpham retreats so cheap?

    The Sharpham Trust is a registered charity (number: 285767) and a social enterprise which endeavours to keep the costs as low as possible by subsidising various aspects of the courses and retreats.