Silent Meditation Days

A day at The Barn Retreat Centre spent in silence, alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation.

There will be no teachings nor guidance, so it is geared for people with some experience in meditation and being in silence together with others.

The days are:

Saturday 17 December

We meet at 9.10am outside the Steam Packet Inn in Totnes to register and start the walk up towards The Barn in silence, experiencing the day there from 10.30am until around 5pm when we will walk back down.

You'll need to bring your own packed lunch, but teas are provided. Cushions, meditation benches or chairs and blankets are provided at The Barn.

There is a contribution of £8/£10 for the day.


Click here to find the location of the Steam Packet Inn in Totnes

There is a contribution of £8/£10 for the day.

Maite Alonso

Maite Alonso

Maite trained in 1991 in Sivananda Yoga in India, in Shakti Yoga Dance in 2009 and in Kundalini Yoga in 2011 in the UK. Her major influences have been yoga, Buddhist meditation and chanting. She has been attending retreats (especially Zen and Insight Meditation) in spiritual centres in the UK, Europe, India, Thailand and California, since 1990. Read more on her website here.

She loves creating, nurturing, healing and forming life-giving spaces in her work as a Shakti yoga dance teacher, and in her massage work in the Totnes area.

Maite's Shakti yoga

  • incorporates slow, flowing stretches coordinated with the breath, softening and opening up the body and letting the energy flow through freely. 
  • Focuses the mind in the subtle changes happening in body-mind moment by moment, opening and expanding into deeper states of awareness beyond the physical. 
  • Helps rediscover and embody the joy of movement, breath and awareness.


Retreats & Events

Booking is not necessary.

For more more information, email event leader Maite Alonso on [email protected]