Buddhist Mindfulness - What Is It?

This retreat will go to the core of what the Buddha taught about our relationship to the body through the application of the 4 foundations of mindfulness. These mindfulness practices reveal to us that embracing the body is to embrace the true – in a way that gets us out of the habit of abstraction and into a habit of direct intuitive insight.

Through an experiential exploration of the 4 foundations of mindfulness, Mahesi will offer practical tools to enhance our ability to not just wake up, but to also wake in and finally wake out of any impressions we may harbour of being an isolated ‘me’ billiard ball trapped inside our skins, staring out at a discomforting universe.

When seen in the light of these 4 foundations of mindfulness, the body - contrary to being an unsafe place to be - serves as a gateway to seeing our undivided and luminous soul.

Turning towards it and discovering the full extent of its nature is the key to being free from the existential agitation that the world is so obviously suffering from.

It is through the body that we find an immeasurable quality of spiritual sanctuary in the very thing that seems to associate us to the worst fears we have about life – instead of being an uninspected negative it can, with care, grow to become a known positive.

Herein lies the essence of the biggest cosmic joke and the end of fear – and hopefully we can take a few steps towards realising this for real together.

These retreats will take place at the Barn Retreat Centre, with superb views over the River Dart. They include full board with delicious home-cooked vegetarian food. Click here for directions.

Mahesi Caplan

Mahesi Caplan

Mahesi Caplan ordained in the Buddhist Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah at the age of 22 and trained in European monasteries over 15 years. Interested in synthesizing western and eastern influences, he continues teaching contemplative practices at The Barn and to groups in Totnes, Devon.

Inspired by life, monastic training in the Theravada Forest Tradition and inspirational teachers, he shares what he can with the intention of exploring ways to practically engage & accelerate the process of cultivating unconditional contentment.

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