Women's Woodland Retreats - 5 nights

Our Woodland Retreats run seasonally from June to September

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This Woodland Retreat for women offers a spacious immersion in mindfulness, meditation and and the natural world - with time away from life's frantic pace.

Meditation retreats at Sharpham

Accommodation is in single, cosy bell-tents pitched in Sharpham's woodland, close to the River Dart in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

The retreat will offer:

  • nature connection and nature sensing activities - cultivating moment to moment awareness in the outdoors and an exploration of how the wider natural world can act as a mirror and support for our own unique experience
  • the opportunity to deepen your connection to your inner life, through contemplative practice, group sharing and personal reflection in nature. This will include a supported reflective solo day on the land.
  • opportunities to deep your connection to your inner life, with time for sharing and personal reflection
  • time for rest and replenishment in a very special natural setting
  • a sense of community and a safe and supportive space for sharing aspects of our journey, with evening time around the fire and under the stars in good company

Meditation retreats at Sharpham

The retreat is for you if you

  • already have some experience of meditation or being on a retreat, or spending time in the outdoors
  • would like to deepen your understanding of mindfulness, meditation and nature connection
  • love the outdoors and nature, or would like to experience nature in a different way
  • are looking for tools and resources to sustain you in your everyday life
  • feel a longing to spend time in nature and the chance to reconnect with your true and authentic self

The retreat is for all women  (as self-identified) aged 18 and above


Meditation retreats at Sharpham

You'll experience

  • opportunities to develop mindfulness skills through guided meditation
  • accessible and engaging nature connection and nature sensing activities - cultivating moment to moment awareness in the outdoors 
  • delicious food
  • time for rest and replenishment in a very special natural setting
  •  a safe and supported space with time around the fire and good company

The benefits of connecting with nature and spending time in the natural world are well documented, as are those of developing a mindfulness practice. Together they combine to create a powerful synthesis, often resulting in feelings of gratitude, wonder, calm, self-insight and positive emotions.

This Woodland Retreat offers the chance to feel more fully alive and ‘in your skin’ as well as the opportunity to experience yourself as connected to and part of nature rather than separate – a return to nature as your true home.

Although meditation and mindfulness can be helpful in managing stress, depression and anxiety our retreats might not be suitable if you are experiencing major depression or other psychiatric illness such as bipolar disorder, psychosis or current self-harming. Click here for more information and details of our booking process

What you need to know

If you decide to stay with us, we’ll send you a list of what you need to bring for this retreat in your Welcome Letter that we send out after you've booked.

You can also find out more about staying with us on our Frequently Asked Questions page, including

  • accessibility information
  • why we encourage you to come on your own and not with partners or friends
  • what the difference is between our retreats

See our Woodland Retreat Covid-19 measures here



Parts of the site are on uneven ground and our programme includes walking in the hilly countryside of Devon. Please contact us if you have physical health or mobility difficulties to make sure we can best accommodate your needs.

A welcome letter and suggested kit list of what to bring will be provided at the point of booking.

Meditation retreats at Sharpham

Example schedule

Arrive between 3-5pm for unload, welcoming talk and settling in

Mornings Afternoons
7am – wake up 2pm – personal / free time
7.30am – simple movement/warm-up exercises & meditation 4pm – mindfulness and nature connection activity 
8.30am – breakfast / tasks / make packed lunch 6.30pm - supper / tasks
9.30am – mindfulness and nature connection activity  7.45pm - meditation
1pm - lunch  8pm – personal time / fireside time / night time activity 
  9pm – camp moves into silence*

Depart 12pm - 1pm on the final day



All of our retreats usually include some short periods of silence as a way of deepening into mindful awareness. If you are new to spending time in silence in the company of other people, it can feel awkward to begin with. However people usually find this to be a useful experience and we encourage you to explore the silent periods with a spirit of openess and curiosity. 

The retreats typically move into silence each evening from 9pm - 9am the following day and until 2pm on Day 3 

A 5-star setting with the added bonus of really being grounded in nature


The most perfect introduction to mindfulness, in an awe-inspiring setting


I came with an open heart and open mind and left with an expanded heart and expanded mind


One of the best retreats I have attended


It’s perfect! Please don’t change it!


The situation of the camp was idyllic and food delicious. The last morning was for me truly golden

Click here and follow the directions as per Sharpham House


Look out for and follow Woodland Retreat signs once on the estate. Please note that if coming by taxi - the drivers will know the way to Sharpham House but not to the luggage drop-off point.  Please look out for the signs.


This retreat takes place in our beautiful woodland campsite area in the grounds of Sharpham House, surrounded by nature and with the River Dart and 550 acres of the Sharpham Estate to explore. The Estate includes a diversity of natural habitats including reed beds, salt marsh, ancient woodland with a rich variety of wildlife, flora and fauna – all set within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Your accommodation will be in single-occupancy, comfortable and spacious bell tents, which include a single foam mattress and protective cover, pillows and a box for muddy shoes and a simple table. Guests are asked to be bring their own sleeping bag. We like to call it comfortable camping rather than glamping! 

The tents offer a good opportunity for those new to camping and a bit of extra comfort for more seasoned campers. There is a covered fire hearth area for wet weather.

There is a timber-frame shower and toilet block at the campsite featuring four hot showers and three flushing loos (constructed by students from South Devon College).


Our cooks produce high-quality seasonal, vegetarian food for our guests. We source food whenever possible from our kitchen garden and support local food suppliers.

We can accommodate the following dietary needs:

  • vegan
  • wheat-free
  • gluten-free
  • dairy-free

as long as you have included these on your Booking Form. Please alert us to any food allergies you have. The booking form is sent as a link once you have booked and paid for a retreat.

£525 - Supported Rate

The Sharpham Trust is committed to ensuring that its retreats are accessible to all - regardless if income. The Supported Rate is for those unable to pay the Standard or Benefactor Rate.

£575 – Standard Rate

Paying the Standard Rate means you will be contributing towards our running costs, supporting the work of The Sharpham Trust and helping retreatants of lower incomes to access our retreats.

£625 – Benefactor Rate

If you are able to pay the Benefactor Rate, that means that you'll be supporting others who cannot afford to benefit from a retreat on The Sharpham Estate. Your choice to pay this rate will help us with the running costs of The Sharpham Trust, enabling us to continue our charitable work connecting people to nature and fostering mindfulness and wellbeing, as well as caring for the land, wildlife and wider Estate.


Limited 50% bursaries offering reduced-price retreats are available for those experiencing financial hardship. Please contact the Programme Administrator at least 4 weeks in advance if you wish to apply.

Our bursary fund relies on donations. If you’d like to help another to go on retreat here through our bursary scheme, you can give online quickly and easily by clicking here

Nina Jankelson

Nina Jankelson

Nina began practising mindfulness in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, attending retreat in Northern India and Nepal and later drawing inspiration from the Insight Meditation tradition and the teachings of Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

A former residential coordinator - and now Assistant Manager - at Sharpham's Barn Retreat, Nina has been facilitating meditations, ceremony and retreats for the past five years. Her practice is grounded in a connection to the land and in contacting moments of ordinary beauty and grace in the every day.

She is interested in exploring how contemplative practices can open up our experience of the world and is passionate about creating opportunities for others to do the same. 

Shoshana Moskowitz

Shoshana Moskowitz

Shoshana’s personal journey led her to Buddhism, yoga and health. After completing her BA in psychology in 1995 she lived in Japan and India, devoting herself to practice of Vipassana (insight meditation), Ashtanga Yoga and traditional Karnatic singing for 4 years. During this time she sat in monastic environments in the mountains of Tamil Nadu and Sri-Lanka.

Since 2016 Shoshana has led mindfulness & nature connection retreats in the woodlands at Sharpham Trust in Devon, where she supports the participants to cultivate compassion, rest and self care in the present moment while finding a renewed connection to our Earth and our bodies as a living resource.

Shoshana's influences are yoga, breath and movement, Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka, Love & Kindness (Maitri and Karuna) as exemplified by Dalai Lama, Earth & Heart of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and resourcing Japanese practices of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing and Misogu Waterfall cleansing. 

Shoshana has been teaching meditation, yoga and health practices and facilitating groups since 2000 when she founded Karuna Detox Retreats, the first detox retreat outside of Asia. She was also a founding member of Eco-Forest project, a raw-food land based spiritual permaculture community initiative in Spain. She supports awareness of social issues and created lottery-funded programs to support people with caring roles in her community and led large events raising awareness to ending violence against women & children. Shoshana is trained in Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), Systemic & Family Constellations and Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and leads healing sessions online outside of retreat time. 

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