Moments to Savour - conscious cookery and mindful eating

Explore mindful awareness with the food that you'll harvest, cook and eat on retreat in beautiful and historic Sharpham House.

You'll harvest, prepare and eat delicious healthy food whilst developing mindfulness techniques that you'll digest long after the retreat is done.

During this retreat you'll:

  • Learn how to prepare and cook creative vegetarian food  
  • Develop mindful awareness of your relationship and your creativity around cooking and eating
  • Reflect on your intent - how do we consciously approach preparing and eating food?
  • Explore the colour, as well as taste and texture of food, and how they affect the body
  • Develop awareness of your own being through gentle exercise and meditation
  • Experience how a positive relationship to food is important in ensuring overall energy, health and well-being

This retreat is for you if you are:

  • New to mindfulness practice or are looking to sustain and reconnect with your practice in a new way
  • Interested in cultivating a joyous and healthy relationship to food 
  • Want to learn new and creative vegetarian recipes and culinary skills
  • Are willing to engage fully in the programme of mindfulness practice, as well as in the harvesting and cooking activities – see the typical daily programme below
  • In need of rest, replenishment and renewal
  • Looking for tools and resources to sustain you in your everyday life

Although meditation and mindfulness can be helpful in managing stress, depression and anxiety our retreats might not be suitable if you are experiencing major depression or other clinically diagnosed psychiatric illness such as bipolar disorder, psychosis or current self-harming. Click here for more information and details of our booking process.


The retreat schedule will include 2 half-hour guided meditation sessions per day with periods of silence to help strengthen the practice.  

Day 1: Arrive between 4-5pm for welcoming talk and settling in

The group will be divided into 2 for the following 2 days.  Below is the typical schedule for Day 2, with day 3 having Group B cooking in the morning.

Day 2: Group A

Mornings Afternoons
7.00am - wake up  1.00pm - lunch
7.30am - sitting meditation 2.00pm – 3.00pm - personal time 
8.00am - breakfast & tasks 3.00pm - guided walk and/or yoga session
9.00am – meeting  5.30pm - prepare table for supper
9.45am - mindful movement 6.00pm – supper and tasks
10.30am – cooking session 7.45pm - yoga nidra deep relaxation
  8.30pm – guided sitting meditation 
  9.00pm - House moves into silence until 9.00am

Day 2: Group B

Mornings Afternoons
  12.30pm - prepare table for lunch
7.00am - wake up  1.00pm - lunch
7.30am - sitting meditation 2.00pm – 3.00pm - personal time 
8.00am - breakfast & tasks 3.00pm - cooking session
9.00am – meeting  6.00pm – supper and tasks
9.45am - mindful movement 7.45pm - yoga nidra deep relaxation
10.30am – tour of garden and harvesting produce 8.30pm – guided sitting meditation 
11.30am - Open discussion on special diets, food awareness, etc. 9.00pm - House moves into silence until 9.00am

The retreat will move into silence each evening from 9.00pm – 9.00am

Final day - Depart 11.45am

“I loved learning more about vegetarian cookery and have lots of ideas now for my kitchen. To hear how Janet plans her meals in terms of colours, tastes, textures, balance between different elements, was truly inspirational.”

“Sharpham has been truly inspirational. The house is put together with so much love and attention to detail in every room. It is a joy to be here in such beautiful surroundings and to learn for my own life many important things. These courses do help to change people’s lives for the better. For myself, I have grown immeasurably.”

“I loved the variety of things that were included in the retreat alongside the cooking - mindful movement, yoga nidra and the walk. It felt as though Linda and Janet were really wanting to give us the best experience that they could.”

“I thought you created a lovely space full of love and care whilst gently keeping us on track with the cooking when our energy got too high! I genuinely felt you wanted us to have the best possible experience.”

[What I really liked about the retreat was] “The beautiful house, the countryside, the people, the amazing food. Sharpham is a very special place. It’s now my 3rd stay and I will return.”

“I had a wonderful stay with delicious food, inspiring nature and people. It felt like a home from home”.

“Food for the body and soul. If I could bottle this and take it away!”

“As a first-time retreatant, having mindfulness combined with cooking (which I love) gave me the courage and interest to pursue a retreat.”

“I feel the retreat has nourished my soul and self through the beauty of the nature all around and the love, care, kindness of the people in the house. I came as a thread and feel I’m leaving as a fabric woven with lots of memories”

Our venue 

This retreat is in the beautiful and historic Grade 1-listed Sharpham House set in a Capability Brown-designed landscape with stunning views over the steeply-wooded River Dart. The retreat is full-board with delicious home-cooked vegetarian food.

Our food & your dietary needs

In line with sustainable practices across the Estate, our cooks produce seasonal, vegetarian food for our guests. We source food whenever possible from our kitchen garden and support local food suppliers. The Estate's farm tenants produce award-winning wine and cheese as well as organic eggs, meat and vegetables.

We are used to accommodating a wide range of dietary needs including wheat-free, diary-free, vegan etc. Please indicate on your booking form if you have a dietary need. The booking form is sent as a link once you have booked and paid for a retreat.


We take sustainability seriously. All of the hot water and heating in the House is produced by a state-of-the-art bio-mass woodchip boiler and we have 2 large photo-voltaic arrays on barn rooftops. Our gardens are managed organically and we only use bio-degradable cleaning products

Click here for directions.


£365 - Standard room, full-board.

£415 - Premium room, with views over the River Dart, full-board.

Janet Bird

Janet's passion is about nourishing and nurturing the body, whether it is through teaching, bodywork or cooking. She has over 30 years’ experience of working with movement as a massage therapist, studying many different forms.

Meditation and a devotional life have been integral in all she does, as has the ‘work is love in action’ ethos of the Findhorn Foundation where she has spent the last few years. Bringing these qualities into the kitchen is vital for healthy well-being, and Janet feels that it is from this place that we will be inspired to create colourful, simple, tasty food: well-balanced and full of goodness.

Janet loves to teach and share her knowledge of simple vegetarian cooking and how to bring more awareness of the body into our everyday lives as well as sharing the gifts learnt from being a nomad and living all over the world. 

Linda Vincent - mindful eating retreat leader

Linda has been practising meditation and yoga for over 40 years and is currently focusing on integrating mindfulness into all she does.  She has completed a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat in the UK as well as yoga teacher training in the USA.  She spent 2 years at the Barn Retreat Centre as a residential co-ordinator where she had the opportunity to practise mindfulness and meditation on a daily basis. She completed an 8-week mindfulness course via Palouse Mindfulness in the USA.

Linda is also an experienced and passionate vegetarian cook, loving all aspects of food – growing, preparing and eating it. She is a self-taught cook and has prepared meals in a variety of places – from open fires on safaris in Africa, to many and varied kitchens in Europe.  She has cooked for retreat centres in Greece, Italy and here in the UK.  She loves to inspire people to experiment with food – trying different grains, textures, colours spices, etc.  She is also a shiatsu practitioner, looking at food as part of an holistic way of living a healthy life. She has written 4 vegetarian cookbooks as a way to share her love of food with others.  

Retreats & Events
Sharpham House: Moments to Savour, Conscious Cooking & Mindful Eating Retreat - 4 nights (Linda Vincent & Janet Bird)..




Sharpham House: Moments to Savour, Conscious Cooking & Mindful Eating Retreat - 4 nights (Linda Vincent & Janet Bird)..

Sharpham House: Moments to Savour, Conscious Cooking & Mindful Eating Retreat - 4 nights (Linda Vincent & Janet Bird)..




Sharpham House: Moments to Savour, Conscious Cooking & Mindful Eating Retreat - 4 nights (Linda Vincent & Janet Bird)..