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The Bathing House

Bathing House

Sharpham Bathing House is a simple, romantic retreat where you can leave the frantic pace of the world behind you and unwind.

Bookings for the Bathing House are handled for us by Helpful Holidays .

Built in the 1770s, at the same time as Sharpham House, this then fashionable Bathing House was created on a bend in the river, below the main House.

The building was originally constructed as a small octagonal tower with three windows facing the river. Unlike many bathing houses at the time, the one at Sharpham did not have a stairway down to a plunge pool and people would have entered the river from the bank or beach below.

The building was extended during the first part of the 19th century to create the one that you see here today. It was used from then on as a family home for estate workers. The 1851 census shows that Anthony Newland, the gamekeeper, his wife and three children lived here.

The Bathing House has one main living room, a beautiful bedroom with balcony overlooking the River Dart, a small second bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Outside, a patio running the whole frontage of the Bathing House overlooks the water.

Holiday lettings at the Bathing House help to support the charitable work of the Sharpham Trust.


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