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News from Sharpham

Sharpham Trust team day 2015

14/05/2015 2:13 pm

Sharpham Trust team day 2015

We like practice here at Sharpham: mindful practice, wine & cheese-tasting practice and target practice.

So we combined all three in this year's Team Day - to great effect.

First we spent time in the beautiful gardens here, with guidance from Barn Co-ordinator Peter Mallard.

Then we toured the neighbouring Sharpham Wine and Cheese Vineyard, finding out (and tasting) the glorious produce made here on the Estate (hic).

The final part of the day was a walk through the Great Wood to Point Field, where we indulged in a little post-meal archery. It didn't sound the best idea in the world after a few drinks, but it turned into a highlight. Especially when a 'sudden death' element was added to proceedings...

Happily, no staff member/archery leader/Jersey cow was damaged in the making of Sharpham Trust's Team Day 2015.

Picture highlights below, and some on Facebook here by the archery leaders.

New sheep in our orchards

13/05/2015 12:25 pm

Sharpham Trust - new orchard sheep (02)

New Shropshire sheep were today put into our orchard to help keep the grass - and the disease down.

Jack Skuse, from our farm partners Ambios, worked with our gardeners, volunteers and children & teachers from South Devon Steiner School, on doing the sheep transfer.

First, the ram was shooed out of the orchard. We have no sheepdog, so everyone gathered to herd the ram towards the top of the steeply-sloping orchard, where another
volunteer was rattling a bucket of sheep nuts (eventually, we hope to tame the sheep to come to the rattling bucket).

He was tethered and 8 Shropshire sheep (4 ewes and 4 lambs) were let loose in the orchard.

They will keep the grass down, while also eating dropped leaves from the fruit trees (mainly apples, but with some plum and pear trees).

This is important - Shropshire sheep are particularly well-suited for grazing orchards. They don't nibble the trees' bark, nor fruits. Instead, by eating the dropped fruit tree
leaves, they help to keep down the incidence of fruit scab (which is carried in the leaves).

In some cases, the incidence of scab has reduced by 80% after Shropshire sheep have been introduced.

The sheep are a permanent addition to the Home Orchard and the Long Orchard at Sharpham Trust - where heritage fruit trees are being grown and nurtured.

Sharpham Trust sheep


Sharpham Trust sheep

Anchorstone at Sharpham Vineyard now open

28/04/2015 1:42 pm

Anchorstone logo

The Anchorstone at Sharpham Vineyard is now open!

The café at Sharpham Wine & Cheese officially opened under new management on our Spring Garden Open Day and will be serving up fresh seafood and delicious local produce through the season.

The team are from The Anchorstone Café in Dittisham (just downstream from us), bringing 12 years of experience with them.

For enquiries, or to reserve a table, call 01803 732178 or email info@anchorstonecafe.co.uk

Visit their website by clicking here, or go and Like their Facebook page by clicking here

Visit our award-winning tenants Sharpham Wine & Cheese by clicking here

Summer Open Day Sunday July 5

28/04/2015 12:35 pm

Sharpham Trust Summer Open Day

Join us for a jam packed day of activities and the chance to enjoy the splendour of Sharpham House and Gardens. The day will include a host of activities for all the family including arts and crafts, music, story-telling, nature connection workshops and tours of the historic grade 1 listed Sharpham House and Gardens.

Find out more information about the day by clicking here

Carriage Drive improvements

28/04/2015 10:52 am

Fenceposts on Sharpham Trust Carriage Drive

New fencing has been erected as part of ongoing improvements to Sharpham Carriage Drive - the permissive cycle path running from Totnes to Ashprington.

Devon County Council kindly funded the resurfacing along the route. The fencing improves safety and is part of our land management programme.

The Trust would like to extend the cycle route to Sharpham House and the vineyard, and this plan is forming part of our application to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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