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About Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows us to pay attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. Mindfulness is now widely recognised within the NHS as a clinically proven practice, which can help towards reducing stress and enhancing overall levels of health and wellbeing. Mindfulness is learnt through a range of simple meditation techniques, including observing the breath, feelings, physical sensations, as well as thought processess. 


Our Mindfulness programme

Sharpham has been a centre for mindfulness since the 1980’s and the practice of mindfulness lies at the core of many of our activities. Our mindfulness programme includes:

Open Courses and Retreats

A rich and varied public programme of mindfulness based courses and opportunities to come and stay on retreat, which anyone is welcome to attend. For more information please see our events calendar where you can also book your courses or retreats online. 

Bespoke and tailored courses

Bespoke courses for organisations and groups where we tailor our offer to suit the needs of participants. Previous courses have included mindfulness for GP’s, teachers, healthcare practitioners and community groups. For more info please contact our Programme Manager Ben Ballard programme@sharphamtrust.org / 01803 731801

Targeted work

Increasingly we offer mindfulness programmes for people living in difficult and challenging circumstances. These include for example mental health recovery programmes for young people, courses for people living with the effects of pain and physical illness and retreats for people recovering from addiction.


Why Mindfulness at Sharpham?

The majority of our mindfulness programme takes place here at Sharpham and is delivered by our team of experienced mindfulness teachers. We are especially interested in mindfulness as a way of helping people reconnect to nature, with the overall aim of building a more compassionate, sustainable and socially just world.

View of the river

Mindfulness Resources 

Here you'll find a range of resources to spark your interest in mindfulness and to support any learning you are doing.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness with Mark Williams

3 Minute Breathing Space with Mark Williams

Other Mindfulness Resources

A talk by Jon Kabat-Zinn PH.D, is internationally known for his work as a scientist, writer, and meditation teacher engaged in bringing mindfulness into the mainstream of medicine and society. He is the founding director of its renowned Stress Reduction Clinic and Professor of Medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He teaches mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in various venues around the world.

This is a talk on youtube by Mark Williams from Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre who is one of the main contributors to the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy research for depression and implementation.

Healing and the Mind, video on youtube by Bill Moyers.

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