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  • Thank you Anna (and John) for a memorable couple of days. Lots of really genuine and deep enthusiasm from the young people that shared the experience. The beauty of the place and your warmth and clarity really has had an effect this year. It would be great to return next year and build on that with some of the same students (currently nearly all keen to sign up now!) It was a real privilege to be part of and witness such a real epiphany for some of them, concentrating on creating space to grow and wonder was definitely the best approach Thank you so much.
  • Bruce (and Louise) and 17 grubby, tired, transformed teenagers (A school group of 13-15 year-olds taking part in Forest School type activities and camping out overnight in shelters on the estate)
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Spring to Life

Spring to Life is our flagship mental health recovery project for young people suffering mental health trauma.

This programme is currently on hold while we seek continued funding. Funding news will be posted on this page.

Spring to Life is a project directed at young people who have experienced some form of mental health distress or may be having a tough time of it at home, work, school or socially. You may be  a carer or have direct personal experience, this project helps you realise the recovery potential that positive time spent in the outdoors can have. The project draws on the stunning natural environment of Sharpham and the approach of ‘Take a Moment’ adopted by the staff team to help you through your difficulties.

Individuals are referred onto the programmes for one day per week, with programmes lasing up to 12 weeks. The project progresses you at your own pace through a programme of activities on the Sharpham Estate that hopes to improve your physical and mental health while supporting environmental conservation activities. Programmes are designed in consultation with a mental health specialist and other young people, and delivered in part by volunteer mentors with experience of mental health distress themselves.

The Sharpham Estate is 550 acres of woodlands, rivers, gardens, farmland and built heritage, offering an broad range of environmental activities including: conservation projects (e.g. tree planting, wildlife habitat enhancement), site management (creative sign work, woodland arts), woodland crafts (stool making, wood carving), willow weaving (basketry, sculptures), bush craft and survival skills (fire, shelter building, wild food cookery), outdoor sports (canoeing, fishing, orienteering), horticulture (organic gardening, orchard management), agriculture, health and well-being workshops (mindfulness, yoga), team-building and trust development.

Outcomes of the project are profound (link to case studies), making life enhancing change to young people’s lives.

Young people are referred to us via many varied routes and we are developing ways of continuing the project once project funding runs out. Our programmes lasted until November 2013. 

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