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  • Thank you Anna (and John) for a memorable couple of days. Lots of really genuine and deep enthusiasm from the young people that shared the experience. The beauty of the place and your warmth and clarity really has had an effect this year. It would be great to return next year and build on that with some of the same students (currently nearly all keen to sign up now!) It was a real privilege to be part of and witness such a real epiphany for some of them, concentrating on creating space to grow and wonder was definitely the best approach Thank you so much.
  • Bruce (and Louise) and 17 grubby, tired, transformed teenagers (A school group of 13-15 year-olds taking part in Forest School type activities and camping out overnight in shelters on the estate)
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Wildlife Watch Group

Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of the Wildlife Trusts, which offers you lots of goodies when you join up including the starter pack and four issues of Wildlife Watch magazine a year, free wildlife posters, pictures, puzzles and of course your chance to join in with the activities at Sharpham.

The Sharpham Wildlife Watch Group is currently on hold and will be back in 2014. The Wildlife Watch days usually run on the 1st Sunday of each month and only cost £2 (£1 for members of Devon Wildlife Trust).

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