Spring to Life testimonials

  • "I feel Spring to Life has helped me through hard times in my life. I have made some good friends and it has improved my confidence as well as learning some new skills, which I feel are important."
  • Ricky, 21
  • "I came to the Spring to Life course with mental health problems. However my time at Sharpham has increased my confidence and I've made some good friends. I now believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel."
  • Pete, 22
  • "Being here has really helped me increase my confidence. I think what has really helped is meeting new people, as a mum I don't always get the chance. There is less judgement here and I can be myself. I used to find it really hard to eat in front of other people, I now find that I can sit with others to eat both here and at home."
  • Lianne, 23
  • "Before I came on this course I found it really difficult to be in large groups. I now feel more at ease with this. I have also found my confidence has improved and this has helped me strike up conversations with others in the group and also outside of it."
  • Leah
  • "Before I came to Spring to Life I was going through a hard time but the last 10 weeks have made me a happier person and I'm able to look at life in a happier way. I am so glad I came on this course!"
  • Warren, 24

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