Mental health recovery

If you are experiencing mental health distress or know someone that is, then Sharpham Outdoors Project can help. Mental health can affect everyone, to a lesser or greater degree and from experience we know that getting outside with nature, sharing with others, learning new skills can really help you.

Take a moment to experience this by getting involved with Sharpham Outdoors Project.  Whether it’s on the Spring to Life project -  Our flagship youth mental health distress programme, volunteering in the gardens or with the conservation team, or a professional wanting to train in ecotherapy/youth mental health we can help.

Join our Open Volunteer day based at Lower Sharpham Barton farm or in the Sharpham Gardens, getting outdoors, learning new skills and spending time with others. Activities include hedge laying, building work, moving the animals, planting up the gardens. It gets you outside and makes you feel better.

This way of renewing our bonds, emotionally, physically and spiritually with nature has a hugely beneficial healing effect on our hearts and minds. It is at the heart of everything the Sharpham Outdoors Project does.

Evidence is emerging that says that connecting with nature and being outdoors in green spaces improves mental health by reducing stress levels and enhancing mood. This approach is termed Ecotherapy. Ecotherapy is a brand of therapy that links depression and anxiety to alienation from the natural environment.

Its approach is not complicated but highly effective - get outside into the natural environment, do something physical and you'll feel much better about yourself.

We use the phrase Take A Moment! as a motivation to getting outside at Sharpham, which is also rooted in the values of sustainability, mindfulness and cooperation – values Sharpham holds dear. 

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