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Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

Sharpham has proudly hosted the Robert Owen Communities at Lower Sharpham Barton Farm for over 10 years. Their work centres on support for adults with learning disabilities and difficulties. At Lower Sharpham Barton, animal care, horticulture, wood and metal work as well as a conservation ‘green’ team and machinery maintenance give working farm-based experiences to adults with a range of learning disabilities.

There is increasing evidence to support the health benefits for people of being outside. The Sharpham Outdoors Project is proud to be able to encourage these endeavours with a range of different engagement activities.

This has started with joining forces with a volunteer team tackling wider estate projects including preparation for public events and working on an RSPB nature reserve at Labrador bay. Visit us at Lower Sharpham Barton to see how these kinds of activities come together and join us on one of our volunteer days. Visit Robert Owen Communities to see what else is on offer locally for adults with learning disabilities.

Furthermore Sharpham Outdoors Project has supported Kennicott and Bidwell Brook special needs school with nature-based activities over recent years and will look to extend this kind of engagement over the coming months and years at the base at Lower Sharpham Barton.

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