Barn Retreat Testimonials

  • My visits to the Barn have set me on a path I was searching around for previously. It opens up possibilities ..., and gives a sense of grounding and direction that I will take into my life and work.
  • Steph (61) Psychotherapist
  • Fantastic mix of discipline, community work and support. This retreat deserves every accolade it receives.
  • Anon retreatant feedback
  • I recommend everyone hand in their mobile phone for the week and immerse themselves in the beautiful Barn experience.
  • Nurse
  • The Barn ws far more than I expected of imagined. I know it will nourish me for the year ahead - until I come back again.
  • Lisa (43) Freelance coach
  • It's given me a chance to experience and absorb an atmosphere of calmness, generosity, loving kindness and compassion. I hope to take a small part of this into the wider world.
  • Simon (56) Social worker (mental health)

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Address: The Barn Retreat, Lower Sharpham Barton, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7DX